Running Diary #2

Delayed but , written nontheless. Less procastination on the next one, I hope.


It started like any other run, up the hill. Typically, I begin at the bottom of a steep incline, with the intention of making the latter portion of the run easier. Just thinking about the steep decline as “the end”  eases the struggle of the last few miles. Around mile two I entered a densely treed area of the running path, where people cook out on the weekends in patches of grass. I spotted a family, of two adults and three children under 8 years old, crowded around a SUV. They were talking to somebody inside the car. As I got closer I saw a small face in the driver’s window and understood what was happening : a baby had locked themselves in the vehicle along with the keys. Certainly a scenario that qualifies as a nightmare. The panic was evident in the voice of the parents, who were desperately trying to persuade their too-young-to-understand child to unlock the doors. A crowd of passerbys gathered, each disrupting whatever they were doing to lend witness or a hand of help. A few men began trying to smash one of the car windows with a rock, to no avail. The men took turns striking the window with great intensity but the surreal strength of the glass resisted shattering, it simply wobbled  inward and out - as if it were mocking the men. Cars stopped along the path and the level of panic in the air became tangible, it had been 5 minutes and it was 90 degrees outside. The mother brought the husband a large tree branch and he was able to break in the back window. Relief came as the father climbed in the car and retrieved the child and delivered him to his mother. The crowd, scattered back to from where they came and I continued my run. Needless to say, the miles came easy.